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Yes! You can create a marketing strategy that radically increases your sales and revenue! 
Even if you don’t have a huge following – Guaranteed!

So you're the Best In the Area...

But has no one heard of you and do you continue losing business to your competitors?


In today’s competitive market, having social media and a website isn’t enough to get noticed anymore…

Not getting enough website traffic?

It can be frustrating when you’ve managed to rank with a few keywords and phrases, yet you still aren’t getting the website traffic you were aiming for. That’s why each marketing strategy we provide is tailored to the development of your specific business needs. Connect with us today and we’ll help you manage the new growth and development of your prioritized workload

Are you tired of not receiving the results you deserve?

It’s getting harder and harder to get noticed — with new locations popping up to satisfy the growing market, is your business going to get it’s fair cut? The answer to that depends on whether or not your potential patients know you exist. Our goal is to make it a clear and easy choice on which is the RIGHT business for their needs — YOU!


What makes you unique?

How does your marketing strategy set you apart from your competitors? Our specialized and diverse team is equipped with the experience and industry knowledge to help you grow and expand your business. Together, let’s make your business stand out through methods that have proven results time and time again, with strategic planning tailored to your specific needs.



What We Can Do

 At the Social Med Spa we compile a complete systematic analysis, set your business apart from your competitors, create Geotags that’ll give your company an edge over your competitors. Meaning you’ll come up more often than they do when your patients search for a Med Spa. Working together, we will ensure your marketing plan is maximized to its full potential.

In-Depth technical Audit and analysis to make sure we get you the best results.

Extensive competitor and market research so you can compete in the market.

Local Area Optimizations so more locals know about you.

My goal is to help you succeed

My name is Humberto Garcia, and I deliver results-driven websites to businesses that want to increase their sales and grow their revenue.

I have a keen eye for design, but I’m an entrepreneur at my core. That means the websites I build not only appeal to the eye but also motivate action.

Whether your objective is to:

  • Grow your email list
  • Expand your brand
  • Increase sales 
  • Attract quality customers 

I can create a strategic design to successfully achieve your business goals…

Before designing your marketing strategy, we’ll first discuss your current business targets so I can customize the strategy for the utmost performance. As a business owner, I know how important it is to receive a measurable return on investment, and it’s my mission to deliver you these positive results.

By designing with an entrepreneurial mindset, I’ll build you a highly-converting website that you won’t get from a standard web design. I only work with select businesses that have actionable goals in mind and are ready to take their business to the next level.

Humberto Garcia

Web design that gets you measurable results

Increase the number of calls received from people interested in your business.
Get more leads to help your business grow.
Get your site and social media marketing evaluated without any risk to you or business.
Build relationships with your clients and with other local vendors
Get your business more prospects and increase overrall revenue.


After a full evaluation of your website, we break projects down into manageable task lists and action steps that our team will implement for you.


You’ll never be left in the dark! We’ll provide you with measurable results and keep you in the loop about every milestone we achieve for your business.





As your site rises the ranks in search results and gets more visibility, you’ll attract more clients, which in-turn, equals more money in your pocket. The idea is to concentrate on what’s crucial and necessary for growth.

We’ll manage your social media marketing so you don’t have to.

Let us show generate more leads & grow your business!

Get your FREE EVALUATION worth $200.
       Quick Turn Around
 Great Support
  Highest Speed
  In-depth Look
                  Actionable Information

The first step to bringing in more clients is making yourself known…

…so let’s make you standout from your competition.

Being a business owner myself, I understand how challenging it can be to make yourself standout without the proper marketing plan. The choice a potential patient makes may come down to who’s business listing was higher up in their search results. It’s that simple.

Social media is another key element of marketing most business owners make the mistake of overlooking, and not taping into. This translates to potential target audiences being reached by other competitors without ever knowing you existed; not ideal if your mission is to increase your patient base.

My main goal is to help your business GROW and EXPAND by generating more quality leads and new patients. The purpose of The Social Med Spa is to bring you more business so that you can focus on what’s important. Working with my dedicated marketing team means that you can make BOLD decisions that will take your business where you want it to go.

I make it a point to match the level of ambition my clients hold, maybe even more so when the potential is there. Regardless of where your business currently stands, getting noticed and grow your patient base is a necessity for long-term success. 

Show me what challenges you’re facing, and we’ll overcome them together.


Humberto Garcia

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